The Benefits of Fidalab for Smiles by the Sound

Oct 10, 2023


Welcome to Smiles by the Sound, a leading dental clinic specializing in both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care and create beautiful smiles. In our pursuit of excellence, we are proud to offer the services of Fidalab, a renowned dental laboratory that guarantees outstanding results.

What is Fidalab?

Fidalab is a state-of-the-art dental laboratory that specializes in crafting high-quality dental restorations using the latest technology and premium materials. With years of expertise and a commitment to precision, Fidalab has established itself as a trusted partner for dental clinics worldwide.

The Advantages of Fidalab

1. Exceptional Quality

Fidalab is synonymous with excellence. Their team of skilled technicians uses advanced equipment and premium materials to create dental restorations that meet the highest standards of quality. Whether you require crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants, Fidalab ensures exceptional durability, natural aesthetic appeal, and a perfect fit for your unique dental needs.

2. Customization and Personalization

At Smiles by the Sound, we understand that every patient has unique dental requirements. That's why Fidalab offers a range of customization options to ensure your dental restorations seamlessly blend with your existing teeth. Their technicians carefully consider factors such as color, shape, and size to create restorations that match your natural teeth perfectly.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Fidalab remains at the forefront of dental technology. The lab utilizes the latest digital scanning and computer-aided design (CAD) systems to create highly accurate and precise restorations. This advanced technology enables a streamlined process, reducing the time it takes to fabricate your dental restorations while maintaining superior quality.

4. Timely and Efficient Service

At Smiles by the Sound, we understand the importance of efficiency and promptness. By partnering with Fidalab, we can ensure that your dental restorations are delivered in a timely manner, allowing us to complete your treatment plan without unnecessary delays. Their commitment to delivering on-time results reflects our dedication to providing you with the best possible dental experience.

5. Comprehensive Range of Restorations

Fidalab offers a comprehensive range of dental restorations to address various dental concerns. From single crowns and bridges to full-mouth reconstructions, they have the expertise to meet your specific needs. Their vast selection of restorative options, combined with their attention to detail and precision, ensures that you receive the most suitable solution for your oral health.

6. Seamless Workflow Integration

Smiles by the Sound values smooth and efficient collaboration between our clinic and dental laboratories. Fidalab's commitment to seamless workflow integration ensures that our treatment plans progress seamlessly. This collaboration allows us to provide you with the highest quality dental restorations that perfectly align with your overall treatment goals.

Fidalab: Elevating Dental Care

By choosing Smiles by the Sound and Fidalab, you are opting for the pinnacle of dental care. Our commitment to exceptional results, attention to detail, and patient satisfaction make us the ideal choice for all your dental needs. Together with Fidalab, we are dedicated to enhancing your smile and improving your oral health.


Experience the transformative power of Fidalab at Smiles by the Sound. With its exceptional quality, customization options, cutting-edge technology, efficient service, comprehensive range of restorations, and seamless workflow integration, Fidalab ensures outstanding results for all our patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how Fidalab can bring out the best version of your smile.

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